Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week of October 3 - 7, 2016

Week of October 3-7

Here’s a peek at next week!

Phonics Family Words: bring, thing, think, sent, find, your, said, who, use, about
Phonics- Ending blends
Reading: Daily 5 implementation with emphasis on asking and answering questions about details in texts. What was the main idea? How can I retell the story? (5 finger retell) What is the author's purpose? (PIE), practice Folk Hero reader's theater 

L.Arts: Sentence level context clues for meanings of words and phrases. Understand and use conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, yet)
Writing Workshop: Finished up and celebrate personal narratives. Introduce informational booklets. (teaching book)
Math: Numeration: Place Value (Patterns within 100); Making ten bundles,+1 and -1, +10 and -10, what comes before and after a certain number? We will continue to show to make a number with base ten blocks, distinguish numbers as tens and ones, and represent numbers with tallies. We will also continue to explore the importance of organizing our data in a chart/graph that can be easily read by others.
Social Studies: STEM Activity – Creating apple baskets to transport Farmer Brown’s apples during his harvest season

1. Study phonics family words! 
2. Practice "Lightning Words"
3. Math graphing sheet 
4. Have your child read their book of the week to you and practice the 5 finger retell strategy.
5. Work in RAZ Kids account

We will begin a new STEAM challenge next week! Its harvest time in the mountains of Northeast Georgia and workers are busy picking apples. Farmer Brown needs our help! The apples must be moved to the other side of the orchard. Farmer Brown does not have a bag or container to carry the apples. Our challenge is to design a container to carry as many apples as possible with the materials we have available. Stay tuned for our outcome!

Field Trip
If you haven’t sent in your child’s permission form and $8.00 for our upcoming field trip to the Oconee Civic Center in December, please do so. We may not take students who do not turn in permission forms. Thank you!

iMom Breakfast

Please join us for this school year’s first iMom breakfast, a special time for moms to connect with their children and spend one-on-one time discussing issues around character development and growth. iMom breakfasts are also a great way to get connected with the Rocky Branch community.

What:              iMom Breakfast
Who:               Moms and their kindergarten, first, and second grade students
When:             Monday, October 3rd from 7:20am to 8:00am
Where:            Rocky Branch Elementary School cafeteria
Topic:             I Can Attitude

You may order breakfast from Chick-fil-A for you and/or your child. It will be ready and waiting when you arrive the morning of the event. Each Chick-fil-A breakfast will include your choice of a chicken biscuit or chicken minis, orange juice, and coffee for adults for $3.50. Children may also purchase breakfast from the Rocky Branch cafeteria. School breakfasts will be charged to the student’s school meal account.

7:15-7:20 a.m.      Parents check in at the front office
7:20-7:25 a.m.      Parents and children pick up their breakfast orders in the cafeteria
7:25-7:50 a.m.      iMom program and discussion
7:50-7:55 a.m.      Students dismissed to classes
7:50-8:00 a.m.      Summary with parents and door prizes; parents sign out at the front office
Upcoming Events
RBES Night at Zaxby’s – October 3rd
3rd Grade Play – October 6th
End of 1st 9 weeks - October 7th
Fall Break (NO SCHOOL) – October 10th
Report Cards Go Home – October 14th
DA$H – October 21st
All Pro Dad Breakfast (3rd-5th grade dads) – October 24th
Book Character Fair (Students and Staff) – October 28th
Can-a-Thon – November 31-11

Have a great weekend!

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