Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week of October 10 - 14, 2016

October 10-14

Here’s a peek at next week!

Phonics Family Words: much, child, each, there, them, when, where, bath, wish, she
Phonics:  Diagraphs (ch, th, sh, wh, ph)
Reading: Daily 5 implementation with emphasis on asking and answering questions about details in texts. What was the main idea? How can I retell the story? (5 finger retell, details in sequence, conclusion) Comprehension strategy is making mental pictures.
L.Arts: Sentence correction: focus - (capitalization, punctuation, plural/possessive noun, exclamation) 
Positive Discipline: Contribution – How can I respect differences? What is a solution to a problem?
Writing Workshop: Writing informational pieces – looking at mentor nonfiction texts 
Math: Introduce the ideas of commutative property, zero property of addition, counting on and adding doubles. 
Review: Numeration: Place Value (Patterns within 100) Making ten bundles,+1 and -1, +10 and -10, what comes before and after a certain number? We will continue to show how to make a number with base ten blocks, distinguish numbers as tens and ones and represent numbers with tallies.  We will also continue to explore the importance of organizing our data in a chart/graph that can be easily read by others. 

Science: Magnets (What are they? How do they work? What will stick to them?)

1. Study phonics family words and sight words
2. Read passage and answer questions
3. Addition math sheet
4. READ! (guided reading book, RAZ Kids, library books) Practice 5 finger retell.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to construct baskets to transport apples in Farmer Brown’s orchard. We had some very ingenuitive baskets! Thank you to ALL that helped make this challenge possible for us!

Snack Reminders
-Please send a healthy snack {low in sugar} to school with your child every day.
-Due to having 5 minutes for snack time, please send in only one snack.
-Please only send a small water bottle for your child to have with his/her snack.
-No peanuts/nuts in the classroom due to allergies. It is fine to have peanuts/nuts in the lunchroom as we reserve special tables for those with nut allergies.
Upcoming Events
End of 1st 9 weeks - October 7th
Fall Break (NO SCHOOL) – October 10th
Report Cards Go Home – October 14th
DA$H – October 21st
All Pro Dad Breakfast (3rd-5th grade dads) – October 24th
Book Character Fair (Students and Staff) – October 28th
Teacher Workday (No School for Students) – November 8th
Can-a-Thon – October 31 – November 11
Thanksgiving Feast – November 11

Have a great long weekend!

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