Saturday, February 3, 2018

Week of February 5-9, 2018

Here’s a peek at next week!
Responsive Classroom/Positive Discipline: Review classroom guidelines; How do I show teamwork?
Phonics Family Words: high, sigh, delight, mighty, sight, bright, might, night, right, light
Phonics: igh
Reading: Daily 5 implementation - author’s purpose; point of view
Mentor Sentence: “As he baked, the warm chocolate smell of brownies floated through the neighborhood.” -Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
L.Arts: Sentence correction within mentor texts; prepositions
Writing Workshop: How do I convince others of my opinion?
Science: Lights and Shadows
Math: Addition - Which strategies work best for me? (doubles +1, make a 10, part-part-whole, combining & decomposing numbers)


  1. Study Phonics Family Words/Sight Words
  2. Finding the Evidence: A Secret Valentine
  3. Practice number bonds or part-part-whole math
READ! - Headsprouts practice/”Book in a Bag”
*Students should read their “Book in a Bag” the night it gets sent home, and then bring it back to school the next day for reading groups.
First Grade PBL
As a part of our grade level service learning project, we are collecting soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald House all year. Send tabs in at any time in a plastic bag, and we will do the rest!
Valentine’s Day Party
Our class will distribute valentines during our party on February 14th. Each child is invited to create their own “Valentine Mailbox” at home and bring it in between 2/13 and 2/14 for their classmates to deliver valentines. If your child would like to participate in the valentine exchange, please be sure they have a valentine for every child in the class. We have 20 students. I e-mailed a class list in case your child would like to address valentines personally. If not, “To Friend” works well too!

Thank you for donating the items for our Valentine's Party! Also, thank you for donating Hershey's Kisses to raise money for Relay for Life!

Shoe Tying
If your child hasn’t mastered this skill yet, please practice at home.
Upcoming Events
Parent Volunteer Training - February 6th at 5:30PM
Winter Break (NO SCHOOL) - February 12th
Quarterly Coffee with Administration - February 13th at 8:00AM
Valentine’s Party - February 14th at 1:30
First Grade Play - March 1st at 9:00AM, 10:15AM, & 7:00PM
Mother-Son Event - March 2nd

Kindergarten Registration - March 7th and 8th at 2:45PM

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