Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Week of February 12 - 16, 2018

Here’s a peek at this week!
Responsive Classroom/Positive Discipline: Community building;
How do I show teamwork?
Phonics Family Words: color, fact, carry, can’t, nice, twice,
pencil, city, cold, face
Phonics: hard and soft c
Reading: Daily 5 implementation - author’s purpose; point of view,
making inferences
Mentor Sentence: “”Well, I think that’s a star-spangled idea, Grace!,”
said Mrs. Barrington.
-Grace for President
L.Arts: Sentence correction within mentor texts; prepositions,
prefixes and suffixes
Writing Workshop: How do I convince others of my opinion?
Social Studies: Who is Ben Franklin? Thomas Jefferson?
Math: Fact Families and Geometry Review


  1. Study Phonics Family Words/Sight Words
  2. Finding the Evidence: George Washington
  3. Scholastic News - “In Abe Lincoln’s Time”
  4. Practice doubles facts to 20
READ! - Headsprouts practice/”Book in a Bag”
*Students should read their “Book in a Bag” the night it gets sent home,
and then bring it back to school the next day for reading groups.

Thank you so much for helping donate Hershey's Kisses for the students to
sell for Relay for Life. The students have made advertisements, prepared
announcements for the morning broadcast, participated in selling the kisses
(counting money and change), calculated how much money we have raised and
determined how far we are from our goal, and kept up with a graph to monitor
our progress. They have worked so hard and have been involved in some real,
authentic learning. I am so proud of them and the empathy that they are
developing for others!
First Grade PBL
As a part of our grade level service learning project, we are collecting soda tabs for
the Ronald McDonald House all year. Send tabs in at any time in a plastic bag, and we
will do the rest!
Valentine’s Day Party
Our class will distribute valentines during our party on February 14th. Each child is
invited to create their own “Valentine Mailbox” at home and bring it in between 2/13 and 2/14
for their classmates to deliver valentines. If your child would like to participate in the valentine
exchange, please be sure they have a valentine for every child in the class. We have 20
students. I sent out a class list if your child would like to address valentines personally. If
not, “To Friend” works well too!

Thank you to the parents who signed up to send in items for our class celebration!

Calling All STEAMists! Tuesday, March 13 from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, Rocky Branch will be
hosting  our STEAM Night, Book Fair, and Ice Cream Social.   For this event, we would like
to get members of our community and/or our parents to share his/her Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, or Mathematical expertise with our students. It is our goal to have you set
up a station with a short activity that students and parents can rotate to throughout the night.
This may be an activity from your profession or a STEAM activity that interests you. You may
bring in STEAM materials from your profession to have students use, plan a short STEAM
activity for students to complete, or show a short 5 minute STEAM demonstration for students.
If you are willing to participate in our STEAM night, please complete the form below.   Feel
free to email Angela Harris,, with any questions.
We look forward to having you volunteer and support STEAM education!

Shoe Tying
If your child hasn’t mastered this skill yet, please practice at home.

Snack Reminders
We have a ten minute snack break every morning after our Daily 5 reading block. Please
send in a small, healthy (low in sugar) snack with your child every day.
Upcoming Events
Winter Break (NO SCHOOL) - February 12th
Quarterly Coffee with Administration - February 13th at 8:00AM
Valentine’s Party - February 14th at 1:30
First Grade Play - March 1st at 9:00AM, 10:15AM, & 7:00PM
Mother-Son Event - March 2nd

Kindergarten Registration - March 7th and 8th at 2:45PM

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