Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week of April 24 - 28, 2017

April 24th-28th
Here’s a peek at next week!

Phonics Family Words: None
Phonics: review

Reading: We will be reviewing skills already covered this year through Daily 5 groups and other activities. 

L.Arts:  We will review skills already covered this year. 

Writing Workshop: Students will review and write about their opinion of the best field trip. What are my reasons to support my opinion? What should I include in my writing?

Math: Math Review Games and Projects

Social Studies: Students will begin to learn about who are consumers and what it means to have scarcity. Review producers and consumers and how both sets of people are important to each other. How do consumers choices effect producers? 
Positive Discipline: How do I solve problems with my friend? What do I like about myself?

          Reading Passage and Read Nightly

Parent  Survey

In an effort to improve system practices, Oconee County Schools is conducting a parent survey. We value your opinion and ask that you take the time to complete this survey. The web survey will be available until May 12, 2017.

In order to complete the survey, please go to:

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous. Your honest opinion is appreciated.

“Wheel Rise Above Cancer, Working Together”
Relay for Life
Please join us on Friday, April 28th from 6:00pm-12:00am at Oconee County High School as we work together to help end cancer. There will be booths and live music for all ages!

Our field trip to Bear Hollow Zoo is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd from 9:15-1:00. If your child does not have a permission form turned in, they will be unable to attend. We are asking that lunches be sent in a disposable bag with items that can be tossed or recycled after lunch. If you would like to purchase a sack lunch from school, please email me by 4/19. Thank you for your help!

We have snack every day. Please encourage your student to pack a snack each day. Lunch time can be a long time to wait to eat.

Upcoming Events
iMom – April 24th
Sonic Night – April 27th
Relay for Life at OCHS – April 28th (6:00pm-12:00am)
Bear Hollow Field Trip – May 3rd
Step-Up Day – May 10th
K-2 Field Day – May 11th
Last Day of School – May 19th

Have a great weekend!

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