Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 4-6, 2017

Week of January 4th-6th

Here’s a peek at THIS week!
Phonics Family Words: boy, choice, enjoy, join, point, coin, once, never, away, people

Phonics- oy/oi diphthongs

Reading: Daily 5 will be a review of the expectations for groups and how to rotate to groups.

 Students will ask themselves, when I am at each group what should it look and sound like?

L.Arts: How to can I write a sentence correctly? (capital letters, punctuation and spelling) Focus

 on verbs this week. How many different verbs can you name related to how sound/music is 


Writing Workshop: Students will have the opportunity to think of and share New Years 

Resolutions with each other. We will begin our focus on Opinion writing. What ideas are 

important to include when writing your opinion?

Math: Adding double digits – What are some strategies I can use to help me add two digit 


Science: 3D Science - What is sound? How are vibration, volume and pitch related to one 


Positive Discipline: What does it look like to show effort? How can I show my best effort?

1. Practice your sight word list
2. Reading Passage: Finding the Evidence – New Year’s Eve
3. Math: Two Digit Addition with Strategies
4. Review your phonics family words nightly
5. Read

Dear RBES Parents,
We value parent input and encourage you to participate in the Georgia Department of Education annual parent school climate survey. The results will go into our school’s School Climate Star Rating, which is part of our annual College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI). The College and Career Ready Performance Index is Georgia’s tool for annually measuring how well its schools, districts, and the state itself are helping students achieve their goals. Every year, each school in Georgia receives a CCRPI score from 0 to 100. The School Climate Star Rating shows how well a school is fostering an atmosphere where students feel welcomed, safe, and respected.
The GaDOE will not make the survey’s raw data results public, but a school’s CCRPI scores, including its School Climate Star Rating are made public annually. The Georgia Parent Survey contains 24 questions. Parents may use their personal computers, smartphones or iPads to complete the survey. Parents that do not have access to the Internet, may contact the school to schedule a time to complete the survey at the school. The 2016-2017 survey window is open October 3, 2016- March 3, 2017. Please visit the following link to participate in the survey http://apps.gadoe.org/schoolclimate/parents.nsf/Survey.xsp.
Thank you for your time and input into this important survey!
The RBES Faculty and Staff

Yearbook Orders
If you would like to take advantage of our special yearbook pricing, please send in your order and $24 by January 15th. In the spring, prices go up to $27.

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Your child was sent home with a Six Flags Read to Succeed Student Reading Log. Keep track of your child’s reading with this log to qualify for a free ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia. Students must read and log 6 hours. Reading logs are due to Mrs. Ashley by February 10th, but may be turned in sooner if at least 6 hours are completed. I will distribute tickets in the spring when they arrive at school. Happy Reading!

Upcoming Events
Welcome Back! – January 4th
Report Cards go Home – January 6th
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School) – January 16th
100th Day of School – January 18th
Daddy/Daughter Dance – February 3rd at 6:00 pm

Have a great weekend!



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