Monday, January 4, 2016

Week of January 4 - 8, 2015

Welcome Back

Week of January 5th- January 8th

Here’s a peek at next week:

Spelling words: boy, choice, enjoy, join, point, coin,
once, never, away, people

Phonics- oy/oi diphthongs

Reading: Daily 5 will be a review of the expectations for groups and how to rotate to groups. Students will ask themselves, when I am at each group what should it look and sound like?

L.Arts: How to can I fix the sentence? (capital letters, punctuation and spelling) Focus on verbs this week. How many different verbs can you name related to how sound/music is made?

Writing Workshop: Students will have the opportunity to think of and share New Years Resolutions with each other. We will begin our focus on Opinion writing. What ideas are important to include when writing your opinion?

Math: It's all about measurement. Splitting a ruler into sections to see how many inches are in a foot. We will practice using the sections to measure objects. Additionally students will have other opportunities to use materials in non standard measurement of items in our classroom. We will have the Measurement Olympics on Friday. :)

Science: What is sound? How are vibration, volume and pitch related to one another?

1. Practice your Sight Word List
2.Reading Passage ( Mozart and Music)
3.Math (Telling time)
4. Review your spelling words nightly
5.READ! :)

At Rocky Branch our focus is on finding solutions to our problems. We have been learning some techniques ( Ignore it, talk it over respectfully with the person, try to agree on a win-win solution or get help from the teacher) We are working to be problem solvers by using the wheel of choice that we created as a class and to share our thoughts with each other during class meetings. We have created bonds by sharing strategies that have worked in the past. :)



Please have your child participate in the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program by reading and recording 6 hours of reading.  Once they have completed and documented their reading, please have them return the completed form to me.  The deadline to submit your reading log is Friday, February 19.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can print out the forms below by clicking on the link.

Parent Letter (Print Out)

Changes in Transportation
Please use attached forms for changes in transportation. 

Upcoming Events

1/5- Welcome BACK!

1/8- Report Cards Go Home

1/18- Student Holiday (MLK Holiday)

1/29 iMom Breakfast

2/15 Winter Break/Makeup day if necessary

Have a great weekend!!

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