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December 4, 2015

Dear Parents of RBES students –
If you’re anything like me you from time to time ask yourself “how can I make a small difference in someone’s life?” Last year we had a family friend serving in Afghanistan with the Marines. Kyle had recently deployed for the first time and would be serving a twelve month mission. He was far from home and those he loved. This is something that impacts not just the soldier, but also the family left behind. Over the course of Kyle’s deployment we collaborated with Ethan’s prek to send over a number of care packages to let him know that his service was appreciated. Receiving a care package from home can be a real morale booster for a deployed service member.  
Kyle was the beneficiary of far more than he needed. What did he do? He shared all of the goodies with other members of his battalion. This random act of kindness reached far further than we initially intended.
We’d like to do this project for a third year and sponsor at least one more soldier (and perhaps even more). What we’re asking of RBES families is to review the list of items below and see if there are items you’re willing to donate. We’re in talks with community members about sponsoring this effort, so we can defray the cost of shipping these packages. Our hope is to begin shipping packages by January 1st. We’ll have boxes placed near the entrance of each first grade class at RBES.
It’s estimated that some 205,000 soldiers are currently deployed overseas. Many of these soldiers are in dangerous combat zones. They are risking the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and out of harm’s way. Reminding them that we have not forgotten them is important.
Thank you for considering supporting this effort.
Lee, Holly and Ethan Snelling

Popular items to donate:
Protein powder & protein bars (top requested item)           Lip balm / chap Stick / Carmex / Blistex
iTunes gift cards (top requested item)                                 Body wash, liquid soap, facial cleanser
Powder drink mixes                                                             Hair gel (for female troops to pull hair                                                                                                      back)
Beef jerky / Slim Jims                                                         Combs / brushes / bobby pins (in original                                                                                                  packaging)
Sunflower seeds                                                                   Deodorant (travel size)
Granola bars                                                                        Shaving cream in tubes / shaving soap (No                                                                                                CANS)
Trail mix / dried fruit / granola                                           Hand & body lotion / moisturizer (travel                                                                                                     size)
Fig Newtons                                                                        Sunblock, SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E, Aloe                                                                                                  Vera Gel
Pretzels / Ritz Crackers / Wheat Thins                               Bug Spray / DEET / Skin-So-Soft
Mouthwash (travel size)                                                     Nasal spray
Breath Mints / breath strips                                                Vitamins
Lozenges / Cough Drops                                                    Feminine Hygiene Products
Nail files / emery boards / nail clippers                             Eye drops (i.e. Visine)
Moleskin & shoe insole cushions (gel kind is best)          Tylenol, Motrin, Advil or Aspirin packets (check expiration dates)

K-cups for Keurig machines                                                                        

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