Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week of October 26 - 30, 2015

Here’s a peek at next week:
Spelling words: we, clean, tree, seen, these, most, new, only, after, happy.

Phonics- long e (Diagraph ea & ee)

Reading: Daily 5 implementation with emphasis on asking and answering questions about details in texts.( Main idea, supporting details, sequencing). Focus on comparing fiction and non-fiction texts about the same topic (spiders). What is alike and different between the two types of texts?

L.Arts: Fix it upSentence correction (capitalization, punctuation, plural/possessive noun, personal pronouns) 

Writing Workshop: Working on teaching booklets about things we are 'experts' at. We teach with our pictures by adding details, labels and words. We will visit editing our writing and how to make a table of contents.

Math:Combining 3 addends, number bonds, making a number different ways, turn around facts, doubles, adding using a number line, addition fluency with mixed strategies. 

Science: Fall: Why do leaves change colors? What observations can we make around the school about the changes in the seasons?

1.Study spelling words! (Try out Spelling City) 
2.Practice your Sight Word List
3.Math Sheet 
4.Reading Passage
5.READ! :)

Check Spelling City out to practice your spelling words for the week. :)

At Rocky Branch our focus is on finding solutions to our problems. We have been learning some techniques
(Ignore it, talk it over respectfully with the person, try to agree on a win-win solution or get help from the teacher) We are working to be problem solvers by using a wheel of choice that we are creating as a class and to share our thoughts with each other during class meetings. We have created bonds by sharing strategies that have worked in the past. :)

Changes in Transportation
Please use attached forms for changes in transportation. 

Volunteer Training
Georgia law regarding volunteers in non-profit organizations establishes that all volunteers are now mandated reporters.  In order for all volunteers to understand the law and know the reporting protocols,  volunteer training regarding the new mandated reporter law will be provided. Below is the last date for the RBES volunteer training. If you plan to volunteer or visit in a classroom  (this includes attending class parties, field day, working with students, etc.) you should attend one of the dates below.
Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00 am 
We will need ALL volunteers to attend one of the training options in order for everyone to be able to continue to serve as a volunteer. Please know we appreciate you, your time, and commitment to RBES.

Snack Reminders
-Please send a healthy snack {low in sugar} to school with your child every day.
-Due to having 5 minutes for snack time, please send in only one snack.
-Please only send a small water bottle for your child to have with his/her snack.

Upcoming Events

Day Light Savings Time Ends-- November 1st

iMom Breakfast-- November 2nd

DA$H Funds Due-- November 3rd

Volunteer Training
Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00 am 

RBES Thanksgiving Feast--November 12th

Have a great weekend!!

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