Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week of September 14 - 18, 2015

For the Week of September 14th-18th

Here’s a peek at next week:
Spelling words: still, spill, slip, skip, swim, slim, step, fast, rest, best

Phonics- s blend

Reading: Learning to put all 5 pieces of Daily 5 together (3 rotations daily)  Review Reading Strategies (Eagle Eye and Lips the Fish) Introduce Reading Strategies (Stretchy Snake and Turtle Talk)
L.Arts: Review singular and plural nouns. Introduce possessive nouns

Writing Workshop: Personal Narratives

Math: Numeration:Place Value ( Patterns in 100 chart) Writing numbers to 120 and learning number words from 1 to 19. Learn to use base ten blocks to represent a number.
Science: Apple Container STEM challenge

1.Study spelling words! 
2.Practice your "Lightning Words"
3. Math Sheet
4. READ! 

We need YOUR help!
Next week as a 1st grade we will complete our first STEM challenge during our science time in our class. The engineers will create an apple container that can be easily carried, handles of some kind, holds at least 3 apples, and carried for 10 steps. In order to complete this challenge we are going to need some items... :)

We are looking for: 

- 10 apples
- 1 roll of aluminum foil
- 1 roll waxed paper
- 16+ foam trays
- 100 index cards
- 50 paper plates
- 1 box of craft sticks (approx. 300 sticks)
- 100 sheets of paper
- 50 straws
- 1 box paper clips
- 1 roll of yarn or string
- 2 rolls of clear tape

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give us with these items! :) We would love to have items by Tuesday, September 15th.

Pictures Orders are due by September 15th. Please send in orders ASAP. :)

It is time for the RBES Fall Book 


       The dates for this exciting event are September 11-18.   The Book Fair will be open Fri.-Thurs. from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM, Tuesday night for Chick-Fil-A /STEAM Night from 6:00-8:00PM and on Friday the 18th from 8:00 AM until 10 AM.
       Grandparents and special friends are invited to lunch and the Book Fair any day Monday-Thursday, September 11th-17th. The Book Fair provides students, parents, grandparents, and special friends an excellent opportunity to purchase great books that your children will love to read.  

       This is also a wonderful way to help support the RBES Media Center.  All proceeds go directly to the RBES Media Center.

Please look for volunteer information coming soon on Volunteer Spot.

RBES STEAM Night will be held on September 15th 6:00 to 8:00pm. This is an opportunity for students and parents to come to school and participate in different science, technology, engineering and math challenges. Look forward to seeing you there! :)

iMom Breakfast
Please join us for this school year’s first iMom breakfast, a special time for moms to connect with their children and spend one-on-one time discussing issues around character development and growth. iMom breakfasts are also a great way to get connected with the Rocky Branch community.
What:              iMom Breakfast
Who:               Moms and their kindergarten and first grade students
When:             Monday, September 28 from 7:20 a.m. to 8 a.m.
Where:            Rocky Branch Elementary School cafeteria
Topic:              Family Team

You may order breakfast from Chick-fil-A for you and/or your child. It will be ready and waiting when you arrive the morning of the event. Each Chick-fil-A breakfast will include your choice of a chicken biscuit or chicken minis, orange juice, and coffee for adults for $3.50. Children may also purchase breakfast from the Rocky Branch cafeteria. School breakfasts will be charged to the student’s school meal account.

7:15-7:20 a.m.      Parents check in at the front office
7:20-7:25 a.m.      Parents and children pick up their breakfast orders in the cafeteria
7:25-7:50 a.m.      iMom program and discussion
7:50-7:55 a.m.      Students dismissed to classes
7:50-8:00 a.m.      Summary with parents and door prizes; parents sign out at the front office

Changes in Transportation
Please use attached forms for changes in transportation. 

Volunteer Training
Georgia law regarding volunteers in non-profit organizations establishes that all volunteers are now mandated reporters.  In order for all volunteers to understand the law and know the reporting protocols,  volunteer training regarding the new mandated reporter law will be provided. Below is the last date for the RBES volunteer training. If you plan to volunteer or visit in a classroom  (this includes attending class parties, field day, working with students, etc.) you should attend one of the dates below.
Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00 am 
We will need ALL volunteers to attend one of the training options in order for everyone to be able to continue to serve as a volunteer. Please know we appreciate you, your time, and commitment to RBES.

Snack Reminders
-Please send a healthy snack {low in sugar} to school with your child every day.
-Due to having 5 minutes for snack time, please send in only one snack.
-Please only send a small water bottle for your child to have with his/her snack.

Upcoming Events

MAP Reports Come Home- Sept. 11th
Book Fair- Sept. 14-18th

Picture Orders Due- Sept. 15th

STEAM Family Night- Sept. 15th


iMom Breakfast- Sept.28th at 7:20

Volunteer Training
Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00 am 

Have a great weekend!!

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